Steps To Success

Once you have designated your “Go Live” date, there are steps to take between today and that date that you will need to follow to ensure that your transition is smooth and simple.


  1. Inventory departments and classes will need to be set up and applied to all retail and service items.

  2. Retail items will need a Reorder At number input.

  3. Service items will need the length of time verified. You may also set up the Price/Time Exceptions on your services.

  4. Transfer appointments from your previous software. Start with the “Go Live” date and go forward from there.

  5. Book any new appointments after your “Go Live” date in Envision. (Appointments before the “Go Live” date can be input into your previous software.)

  6. The day before your “Go Live” date, you will need to perform a physical count of your product on hand.
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